Ron Frazier, Treasurer
 I have lived in Harlan County most all of my life.  I am a graduate of Evarts High School.  I currently live in Rosspoint KY with my wife Sue and my son Tyler.  I am a very active member of the community.  I am very proud of Harlan County and one of my personal goals is to help grow and influence the future of the county.  I am a current Board member of the Harlan County Chamber of Commerce where I serve as Secretary.  I am a member of Harlan 2020, a Community Development Foundation, where I also serve as Secretary.  I am also a Board member for the Cawood Ledford Boy’s and Girl’s Club.  I serve as a Committee Member for the Boy Scout’s Troop 149 here in Harlan.  I am a Board member for the Harlan County Community Foundation where I am currently serving as Treasurer.  I believe in Harlan County and encourage unity between our communities so that our combined voices can be heard and results can be seen.